What We Do


Presentation Coaching


Presenting can be the most fun you can have with your clothes on, but faced with a crew, a director and lots of kit, it doesn’t always seem that way. Coaching is an enormously effective way of achieving rapid change. People often ask, “how long does it take to train a presenter so they can start filming?” The answer is of course the same as, “How long is a piece of string? “ What we can say though, is that while additional follow up, feedback and support may be necessary, it rarely takes more than 3 days to equip an individual with the skills they need. And that, noticeable improvements can be seen after just a half-day session.


The most effective form of coaching is ‘one to one’. This usually takes place at our cosy, private studio office in Clapham. A comfy sofa and cappuccino machine teamed with camera, autocue and talkback, makes the perfect safe haven in which to learn the art of presenting. 


We teach you how to present on location and in a studio. That means mastering autocue, live and recorded as well as learning and delivering PTC’s.


Many of our clients have been presenting for many years and our half-day review sessions are a useful way to take a step back from what they do on a daily basis and assess how they can move to the next level.


Group presentation coaching


We run our courses in some of the most well known TV studios in London. When the crews here are not working with us they’re busy making many of the programmes you watch on TV. The facilities are cutting edge and the crews are used to the unique way we work. Our courses are hands on and often feature guest speakers who do the job on a daily basis. They are bespoke and shouldn’t be confused with the many offers of training with a free DVD at the end of it all. The high end nature of these courses is reflected in their price and they are often booked by broadcasters wanting to get a group coached quickly and efficiently ready for on-air. 



A great presenter defines and sells a brand.

We help to grow great presenters by considering,


who you are,

what you say,

before you speak,

what you say about the brand you represent.


This service is incredibly popular with our television and corporate clients and can have an enormous impact on the way you’re

perceived, on and off screen.


This service can be provided in the client’s home or workplace, both here and in the U.S.A.



Good make up on television not only improves the way you look and therefore, the way you’re perceived but also improves your confidence. It’s becoming increasingly rare you’ll be offered a make-up artist to get you looking your best on location. We equip you with the skills to apply your own make-up, quickly and easily.


This service can be provided all over the U.K.

Voiceover coaching


It’s one thing being yourself in front of a camera but doing the same thing when you are in a little dark room, with a script in front of you is another. We use simple yet effective methods that ensure your voice is as good as your on screen performance. After many years, we’ve worked out the best method is often to put a coach in the voice booth during the record.

Voice coaching


These one to one sessions can help improve diction, breathing, and dialect and really concentrate on the enormous power of the voice. These sessions our held at our office in Clapham, or at the clients’ place of work.

Radio coaching


Great radio presenters will tell you it’s a skill all of its own. We agree, that’s why we offer specialist coaching in radio presenting and

interviewing. Coaching takes place at either our Clapham office or on location and is best delivered on a one to one basis.

Developing talent training


With less time and less money available there is continuing pressure on the programme maker to deliver on budget and on time. This often means that the director becomes the production manager, researcher and runner, leaving them little time to direct anyone properly.


In a studio environment, directors used to direct, now sometimes they’re the P.A, the vision mixer and even playout.


These half-day group-training sessions help producers and directors understand what it’s like to be a presenter and how to get the best out of a performance while under pressure. These courses are Interactive, fun and could save you a fortune on coaches like…..err, us.

Creative team workshops


We love working with creative teams on reigniting their passion and helping them look at news way of working. Sometimes teams are making programmes on a daily or weekly basis and they’ve been doing it, roughly the same way for some time. It’s what we call, ‘the drive to work’.


Our workshops help teams communicate and take time out to consider how the programmes they make can be improved for thebetter.



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